Taz Thornton was aware of spirit from an early age and was led to shamanism by a series of what she now does not believe were coincidences! Taz says stepping onto the shamanic path was like going home - a remembering of spiritual practices set deep into her bones; suddenly, all those dreams and visions she'd experienced as a child began to make sense and her life took on new meaning and direction.

Having worked with a number of respected shamanic teachers over many years, Taz is now a shamanic healer and workshop leader in her own right, as well as a crafter of sacred ceremonial and medicine pieces.

She says: "I will always be eternally grateful to the Universe for steering me towards the shamanic path, and, of course, to all the human teachers I've learned from over the years - as well as those in spirit form! I don't believe we ever stop learning, and I'm always open to new teachings, in whatever form they come. Every day really is a school day."

Taz's workshops are known for having a light-hearted and down to earth feel. There's always a time for deep ceremony, she says, but we should not forget to walk lightly: "Too many people find their spiritual 'niche' and then become all business, yet my guides are always reminding me to find the joy and to keep on learning, discovering and exploring new things. Even the darkest times can bring the most beautiful teachings, so it's good to try to remain grounded, open hearted and full of gratitude; sometimes, life can seem really unfair, but if we can dig deep and find the teachings, we can realise the wonder of every moment."

Through Firechild, Taz offers training in shamanism and meditation, as well as one to one healing and coaching, distance healing and group sessions, as well as space clearing services. She is trained in several aspects of traditional ‘soul doctoring’, including soul retrieval and extraction, plant spirit medicine, power animal sourcing, light healing, chakra alignment and psychopomp work.

Firechild workshops and ongoing training programmes cover a range of areas, from meditation and basic core shamanism through to some of the more advanced aspects of energy work and personal empowerment techniques. You can also learn how to 'bridge the dream' and work with spirit to create your own medicine tools at Firechild's dedicated Shamanic crafts studio.

Taz is a member of the Society of Shamanic Practitioners and has presented at the UK shamanic gathering many times, as well as being a headline speaker at the UK's biggest pagan gathering - Pagan Pride - for several years.

Beyond shamanism, Taz is also trained in Reiki and Neuro Linguisting Programming, as well as being a FIRE Certified Firewalking Instructor. Taz is a member of the Society of Shamanic Practitioners (SSP) and the International Business and Personal Development Association (IBPDA). She is an occasional contributor to mind, body, spirit publications such as Kindred Spirit and Soul and Spirit.

It’s not unusual for Taz to be recognised in public. As a best-selling author, TEDx speaker and someone who regularly pops up in newspapers, magazines, on interviews (online and off), as well as being featured by ITV and BBC. Of course, with her own social media presence, Taz’s personal brand is powerful, and one people frequently aim to emulate. She created the #BrandMastery programme to help people find and promote their own unique presence and uses her own experience in journalism, PR and marketing, as well as her knowledge as a professional speaker, to help people in business put their brand on the map and get noticed for all the right reasons.

Her first book - Whispers From The Earth - hit the Amazon best sellers list within the first few days of publication and is still pulling in five star reviews. Her second book - Unleash Your Awesome - launched to so much demand that Amazon kept selling out! Trained with the same team who taught Tony Robbins to add firewalking and extreme empowerment skills to her offering – don’t be surprised if she has you walking over broken glass or breaking arrows with your throat to help you unleash your awesome. Taz gets people speaking honestly like you’ve never known – her unique blend of ‘tribal’ communication tools learned from shamanic cultures, NLP skills and years in top-line management means she can get right to the issues holding you back.

Twitter: @TazThornton 
Instagram: @thetazthornton




Claire Barrand is an Author of Supernatural Fiction and Non-Fiction, a Paranormal researcher, and blogger from Abergavenny South Wales U.K.

Claire saw her first apparition of a ghost age 12. She spent her early childhood living above an antique shop as her parents were antique dealers, and the world of the paranormal was something she grew fascinated by after many strange happenings. As a teenager she experienced many more strange things around the family home, only years later it was discovered had a secret burial ground hidden at the bottom of the garden. Years later she became the landlady of a Haunted Pub called "The White Hart" in Bristol, well known for its ghost of a man murdered by his brother in the past. These experiences lead Claire to research and actively investigate the Paranormal, Myths, and Legends, Folklore, and Dark History.

 Claire’s first book "Dead Haunted" was released in December 2017 and is described as a unique hybrid of fact and fiction. A collection of short stories based on actual life events; these are news stories that Claire found during her research into Welsh news archives. Quite often during the 1800's and 1900's news reports were graphically written. Dark matters such as suicide and murder were written about with little elaboration and used these stories as inspiration for the characters and plot adding, of course, a supernatural twist to each tale.

 Claire also writes for many publications such as Haunted Magazine, Paranormal Magazine,, and has written about spooky matters for local Welsh Newspapers such as The Abergavenny Chronicle and The Cambrian News. 

 In 2017 Claire co-hosted Dead Creepy Podcast, fun and light-hearted paranormal talk show with her sister Linzi Smith, and the podcast was a great success!  They were the official broadcasters for Sage Paracon 2017, and recorded over 22 episodes. Claire interviewed some of the best experts in the Paranormal field including Barry Fitzgerald of GHI, John Zaffis (The Haunted Collector), Jeff Belanger (Ghost Adventures)  Greg Lawson (The Paranormal Detective) Robert Murch (Chairman of The Talking boards Historical Society) Paul Sinclair ( Author of Truth Proof) and many more authors, psychics and paranormal investigators. Unfortunately, podcasting and the hours of editing it required took her away from her first love which is writing and so she says she had to hang up my microphone to feed her soul once more.  Dead Creepy Podcast was still nominated for Best Paranormal Podcast in the Higgypop Paranormal Entertainment awards for the 2017-2018 year, however!

 Claire has taken part in radio and television work including a UAMN TV Documentary titled The Dark Identity of the Demon about The Djinn with Barry Fitzgerald, she featured as a guest expert during episode 10 of TV series "Help My House is Haunted" at The Skirrid Inn Abergavenny, which aired on Really channel in September 2018 with Barry Ghai. Chris Fleming and Sandy Lakdar. She also featured in a promotional advert for Visit Wales which was filmed at the Skirrid Inn. 


 Nottingham's Ashley Mortimer is a director of The Centre For Pagan Studies, a trustee of the Doreen Valiente Foundation and Esoteric Heritage.

He is a representative of a number of pagan organisations and is well known as a spokesman on paganism and witchcraft in the media. Ashley is an initiated High Priest of the old religion, the Wicca, tracing his initiatory lineage back to Gerald Gardner but he has led an eclectic life and spiritual journey crossing many traditions and paths.

He is an occasional writer, even more occasional musician and a prolific contributor to many different Pagan events and interests. Ashley is giving a  talk on the origins of Paganism, the history of Wicca/Witchcraft and its modern practices and meaning. He approaches ceremony and ritual with an eclectic and pragmatic outlook underpinned with what he hopes is common sense and a warm (but sometimes groan-worthy!) humour.


MJ Dickson is the Founder of Sage Paranormal and Sage Paracon, based in Warwickshire, UK. Her experiences with the paranormal began at a young age and she soon realized that she had inherited her mothers’ psychic abilities.  But paired with her military father’s penchant for logic, MJ found that this unusual combination of psychic and cynic lent itself perfectly to becoming a successful paranormal investigator.  Those skills soon came in handy when she suspected she was living in a haunted house and wanted answers. 

Since forming Sage Paranormal in 2011, MJ has investigated numerous locations worldwide.  Due to her professionalism, and the level of evidence she was able to document, MJ is recognized as one of the UK’s most well-known and well-respected paranormal researchers. 

Don’t let her diminutive stature fool you, Dickson is known to have “balls of steel” running towards all manner of the unexplained.  In fact, MJ lectures at paranormal conventions worldwide, teaching other the risks involved and the basics of investigating.   A popular Paracon lecturer, Dickson has earned the reputation as one of the up and coming female investigators within the field.  MJ is constantly searching for new and innovative ways of documenting physical evidence of the paranormal. 

In 2016 MJ launched the Sage Paracon, the most exclusive paranormal convention within the UK. Hosting names such as John Zaffis (The Haunted Collector / the Godfather of the paranormal.) Jeff Belanger (Ghost Adventures), Brian J Cano (Haunted Collector), Robert Murch (Worlds Leading Ouija Specialist) and many more. The Sage Paracon is known for its popular lecturers, legendary VIP party, stalls and more but above all it is MJ herself who makes it a weekend to remember. Her personal touch and friendliness make you feel like a part of the family instantly - A family known as the Sage Tribe.

MJ is working on a number of projects throughout 2019, further details will be released soon. She has recently worked alongside Groff Entertainment as the Production Location Consultant for season 4 of the popular television series 'Paranormal Lockdown'. She is proud to be a member of the Nick Groff Tour - Creepy People Team, to book MJ for any talks & events, please contact 
Creepy People Talent Management. MJ is available for events, lectures, filming and production work worldwide but her schedule fills up fast so get in touch soon. 

For more information follow Sage Paranormal and The Sage Paracon UK on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 




Calvin Von Crush is a full-time tattoo artist at Lucky Soul Tattoo in Woodbridge, CT. When he’s not permanently drawing on people he can be found scouring every deep dark crevice for the next item to add to his collection. His home boasts a private museum in his basement housing one of the worlds largest collections of items related to paranormal and occult history. Freak animals, spirit art, cursed objects, and even a real shrunken head can all be found amongst the shelves and shadows in his home. His passion for Ouija and talking boards has earned him a Directors seat on the Talking Board Historical Society where he helps preserve the history of these curious board games. While Calvin is a confessed atheist and non believing skeptic, he continues to investigate the people and places associated with bizarre phenomena. The thrill of the hunt is what keeps him coming back!

For the past ten years Calvin has been amassing a treasure trove of items related to the occult and paranormal and for the first time ever in the UK he will be presenting a handful of these items in his lecture ‘Show and Hell’. This macabre take on the grade school past time ‘Show and Tell’ is sure to be creepy and educational.

Follow alongside his adventures as a skeptic on VIDIspace’s The Occult Collector. Visit: for more details.



Instagram: Tattoo Work- @calvinvoncrush

Collection- @theoccultcollector

Twitter: @calvinvoncrush

Snapchat: @occultcollector