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The Most Exclusive Paranormal Convention In The U.K.

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​So what exactly is the Sage Paracon? It is a weekend event of all things paranormal from lectures to Q&A sessions, a VIP party and loads more, The Sage Paracon brings you speakers from all around the globe and gives you the opportunity to meet and hang out with well-known people in the paranormal field - including those from your favorite paranormal TV shows. In 2018 the Sage Paracon was voted as one of the top paranormal conventions in the world for 2019 by ‘Den Of Geek’, we are so grateful and can’t wait to show you what we have planned for 2021.

It is the perfect weekend for those who are interested in all things strange to learn something new from the lectures, take part in the panel discussions, interact with like-minded people, and meet new friends. The event is small and intimate therefore you are not competing with hundreds of attendees for a moment to chat with the speakers. You get loads of time to spark up a conversation or even sing a karaoke song with them at the VIP Party. 

There are stalls, a green-screen professional photo booth, SFX make-up artists to get you ready for the VIP Party on Saturday night, karaoke and much more. We encourage members of paranormal teams to join us, network, and promote your team! The weekend is open to all - whether you have an interest in all things paranormal or you are an experienced investigator. Come along and see what it is all about, we know you will enjoy the weekend. With no other event in the world quite like this, we are bringing a different approach to the field, as you know doing something new is always hard so I appreciate your support. Read the ticket page for our package info, grab your tickets, and official Sage Paracon merchandise from our shop and join the Sage Tribe!

We can’t believe we are hosting Sage Paracon 5! We have decided to bring back all of your fan favorite speakers from the first 4 years of Sage Paracon (We wish we could bring back ALL our speakers!) There will also be a few new faces on the lineup and so many surprises.

Any questions - please email and I will be happy to assist.

Happy Hauntings,
MJ Dickson​

Nikki Folsom

MJ Dickson

Russell Edwards

Frank Cinelli

Greg & Dana Newkirk

Richard Estep

 Aaron Sagers