Sage Paracon UK 2017!

We are doing it again! Sage Paracon UK 2017 takes place at WARWICK CASTLE! Yup! You read that right! The entire 3 day convention takes place at Warwick Castle in the heart of Warwickshire.

The Event will be a ‘Royal Affair’ as we will ONLY offer VIP Packages. This is an event like no other! We have some incredible guest speakers lined up and will announce the last two speakers soon.

Our Guest Speakers Announced are The Godfather of the Paranormal himself - Mr. John Zaffis, star of SYFYS 'Haunted Collector' - Mr. Brian J. Cano, The leading Ouija Board Specialist in the world - Mr. Robert Murch, Ghost Adventures writer and researcher Mr. Jeff Belanger and many more.

       22/23/24 September  

We have loads more coming up and will be releasing more news, interviews, videos and photos so please keep up to date by liking our Facebook pages and following us on Twitter and Instagram. 

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Well, tribe, I think that’s about it for now! We will update you again in January 2017, Please keep an eye on our social media to see how things are going with the raffle, our events, and competitions.

Thank you again for joining us and becoming part of our Sage Paranormal #ParaTribe

Stay safe out there, keep in touch and let us know where you’re investigating or where you would like to investigate with us.

Stay Safe and Happy Hunting 


MJ Dickson and The Sage Paranormal Team